PSA Gold Rush Chapter
PSA Gold Rush Chapter


The annual dues for membership in the Gold Rush Chapter are $15.00.  To join the Gold Rush Chapter submit your name, address and telephone number, camera club affiliation, and $15.00 check payable to ("Gold Rush Chapter") to Susan Bovey, Gold Rush Treasurer, 525 Third St, Woodland, CA 95695. Annual dues may be paid at any Gold Rush Chapter meeting.


Additional membership information can be obtained from the Gold Rush Chapter Membership Chairperson at any meeting.


All members of Gold Rush Chapter must be paid-up members of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), which has many benefits of its own, but also includes a first-year free membership in Gold Rush. 


For membership in PSA, select this link or join at a Gold Rush program.


The charge for guests will be $10 for both the presentation and shoot, and free for Gold Rush members. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Many shooting opportunities will limit the number of participants, and priority will be given to PSA members.  If you think you want to participate in the shoots, it’s strongly recommended that you join PSA (Photographic Society of America, our parent organization—with lots of its own benefits such as an excellent monthly magazine, yearly conference, and educational and competition opportunities) either online or at any Gold Rush program.


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